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The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

This book is referenced in multiple occasions but is not actually seen in LOST. Once in the first season, Shannon speaks of the Mysterious Freaking Island. Also, later in the third season, Charlie makes a quasi-breakfast in bed for Claire. When she asks what it is, he replies "an assortment of Mysterious Island fruits."

My Opinion:
There are many similar plot lines in this book, however I might discourage anyone from reading this book. It has a section in the book of about 15 chapters that reads like a 1800's instruction booklet on how to survive being marooned on an island. Unless you want to know how to make bricks from scratch, how to mine for iron ore, or, my personal favorite chapter, how to tell if a plant is edible or not (25 freakin' pages on vegetation), then I would suggest merely reading this synopsis or buying the cliff-notes. Needless to say it wasn't my favorite read. I would compare it to Moby Dick in that you kind of have to sift through the boring information to find anything entertaining that could have been summed up in about ten chapters.

LOST References:
* In the Mysterious Island, a handful of people survive a Hot-Air Balloon crash in the 1800's and land on a deserted island. On this deserted island, many unexplained things begin to happen. Not to point out the obvious but, a hot air balloon was that times version of a plane, therefore the plot lines are very similar.
*One survivor is a golden retriever dog named Top. This dog seems to have a heightened sense of what is happening on the island. Vincent is a very similar character in LOST.
* In the LOST Experience an old Ape was introduced as part of the Dharma Initiative's life expansion project. This Ape was known as Joop. In the Mysterious Island, the survivors meet an orangutan who they befriend and add as a servant. His name is Jupiter, which they call Jupe for short.
*The first book of Mysterious Island is all dedicated to the survivors discovering ways to continue surviving, ie. finding water and food sources, finding shelter learning about the islands layout. The first season of LOST is developed the same way (though a tad bit more entertaining).
*The survivors in the Mysterious Island discover that they are not alone on the Island and they end up battling the Others (a band of pirates) for ownership of the island.
*The survivors had setup wires between their home and their corral so as to be able to telegraph between the two. They are messaged by a mysteriuos person to go to the corral where they find a new wire which they follow. This wire leads to the Ocean. There is also a mysterious wire which leads to the ocean in LOST which Hurley finds.
*The survivors in the book wait for the tide to leave and follow the wire to the edge of the ocean where there is a drop off. This wire goes below the island as there are caverns underneath this drop off. Using a boat they are able to follow it under the ocean/island and come to a dry spot where the wire stops at a hatch. They open this hatch and find a light shining many feet below the opening. The obvious hatch connections are there in LOST, and not to mention the wire leading to a new place, as it did in LOST (to the Looking Glass). When Locke opens the hatch he too sees a light.
*When the survivors explore the hatch they find a room with many books that appears to be a library. When the Losties go under and open the hatch they find a place with many books as well.
*In the book, the survivors come upon one single person inside the hatch, Captain Nemo. Nemo prior to his arrival on the island, had been an outcast from the military and chose to get a boat/submarine and sail across the world. After his arrival on the Island he had lost all of his shipmates/co-workers to death and was left all alone. He since had been helping the people on the island without them knowing it. In LOST the losties, found a single person in the hatch, Desmond. In his prior life he had been dishonorably discharged from the military (still not 100% sure why) and afterwhich he gets himself a boat (from Libby) so he can sail around the world. Upon his arrival on the island, his co-worker Kelvin dies (at his hands) and he is left all alone. By pressing the button every 108 minutes, he is saving the people on the islands life without them knowing it.
My opinion continued -
I believe that Desmond is a composite of Jules Verne Characters. I believe he has a bit of Ayrton in him in that he was in prison and seeks redemption. I obviously believe he has quite a bit of captain Nemo in him (who is a character from both the Mysterious Island and 20,000 leagues under the sea. I also believe his storyline of a race around the world comes directly from around the world in 80 days.
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