Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Langoliers by Stephen King

The next book we chose to read was the Langoliers by Stephen King. This has been the book that most resembles the plot of LOST especially if you take into consideration the possibility that the LOST-ies flight 815 flew through to another dimension. In this story, a group of supposed strangers fly on a flight from LA to Boston and pass through a rip in the space time continuum arriving in a new time and dimension. The following list is what we found as correlations between the entire arc series of LOST, seeing as it was not featured in a specific episode yet has been sighted as a major influence by both producers Damon Lindleoff and Carlton Cuse.
  • There is a Character in the book named Nick, who has a british accent and worked in special ops in the military as an interrogator. This character's background as well as overall personality and moral compass is very similar to Sayid.
  • There is a strong debate throughout about fate and destiny. In the book it is debated whether it is coincidence that a jet pilot, who was merely a passenger on the plane, survives a crazy incident in the air to be able to land the plane. The same debate is discussed by Ben when he finds that a spinal surgeon, Jack, comes to the island right as Ben discovers that he needs spinal surgery.
  • All the passengers that survive passing through the time rip, on the book, were asleep when it happens. Jack, claims to have blacked out prior to the crashing of the plane. Also every episode of a new character begins with an opening of their eyes as if awaking from a sleep. It may not be confirmed whether or not all the survivors had their eye's closed during the crash, however upon watching the pilot episode again, both Jack and Locke definitely were closing their eyes while Locke was asleep.
  • The antagonist in the book, Craig Toomey, was tortured all his life by a rough childhood and crazy parenting, including a mother who was a drunk and exhibited insane traits. John Locke's mother Emily was in and out of an insane asylum and was addicted to drugs.
  • Craig Toomey constantly has vision's of things that aren't really there including of his family. John Locke is constantly seeing visions (more of Boone, who he seemed to take under his wing almost as a son).
  • A more obvious connection would be that the story begins on a plane which touches down with only a small percentage of the passengers surviving in a strange land.
  • The new land in the book exhibits different traits, such as no weather patterns and muffled sounds, colors and tastes. The new land on LOST seems to exhibit healing traits.
  • All the character's in the book appear to be strangers but upon deeper review of their lives, they are all somehow connected. Similar in LOST, upon deeper analysis of each individual's life, we find many connections.
  • A round mysterious figure seems to be chasing after the survivors in the new land. In fact, the first noise heard on the new found land was that of a chewing sound. The first scare on the island in LOST is that of either the Polar Bear or the Black smoky cloud. The smoky cloud seems to resemble the mysterious object known as the Langolier.
  • Oddly enough as it is, both of the flights, 29 in Langoliers and 815 in Lost, seem to have LAX in their itinerary. Also Both Flights have number significances. Obviously the LOST numbers come into play, however 29 is an important number in the Langoliers.
  • All of the character's in the Langoliers have things in their past that seem to haunt them as do those of LOST.
  • The main character Robert is flying on flight 29 to identify/claim the dead body of his ex-wife. Jack is on the exact same mission to Australia, to pick-up his father's body.

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