Sunday, June 10, 2007

The LOST Book Club

There have been a few blogs that have attempted to extract meaning from the books that have been mentioned so far on LOST. Most of these have contained some very insightful, as well as a few incomplete explanations on the books. We have decided to make it our goal, not only to read the books, but shed some light as to why the producers of the show felt it necessary to place them there, as it is obviously no accident. One of the reasons we love watching LOST, and possibly one of the reasons it has become so popular, is the fact that there are always mysteries to unravel. It's always nice when a question is answered, but if the show ceased to ask questions, what would be the fun?
Another exciting aspect of LOST and its literary references is that it gives its viewers an opportunity to be involved with the mysteries and complexities of the show, while the show is taking its inevitable seasonal break. Since there will not be any new episodes till February of '08, we feel that this is a perfect opportunity to take the time to read and discuss the themes and allusions contained in the books referenced in LOST. We haven't started in any particular order, but we encourage comments and want to further discussion of ideas! Besides what's the fun of seeking answers, if you can't share those answers with others? So please, feel free to add your insights! This is not intended as just a blog, but a start of a discussion.

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